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Friday, February 17, 2012

Vancouver = Lots of Cloudy Days

Vancouver has a lot of rain. The average number of sunny days are surpassed by the average number of rainy days. On the whole, the months between November and February are wet and cold with sunny days increasing as it gets farther along into the late spring. Very rarely does the sun peek out from between the clouds during the winter quarter.

In photography, this means that you have to make the most of the rainy season...and it also means that you have to take the very rare sunny days as they come. Photography in the rain involves a lot of frustration, with moisture getting onto the lens and potentially obscuring shots. But you can also exhibit a lot of character in the nature photography by incorporating rain. There's a lot to be gained by making sure that the camera that you have is weather-sealed. My D50 wasn't, but my D300s is. Unfortuantely weather-sealing costs money.

Most of the photos here are done during the cloudy/sunny periods that we got in March. However I am going to go out and do a "shooting in the rain" feature as soon as I'm able to.

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