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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Green Timbers Urban Forest Park

Green Timbers Urban Forest Park is unique in Surrey. A forest located in an urban setting, the park brings a bit of the wild into Surrey. Home to ducks, pied billed grebes, a great blue heron and other forms of wildlife, it is a great little hideaway for those who are nature inclined but who can't go too far from their home.

For me, this is a 20 minute walk to Green Timbers from where we live. It provides us with the opportunity for practice photography in taking photos of wild mallards who tend to frequent the duck pond between April and November. It is a welcome bit of forested area where I can commune with nature and feel like I have the opportunity to see wildlife that I don't ordinarily have the opportunity to see without having to take a long trip out by bus. It is a welcome location within walking distance.

For more info about Green Timbers, one can visit the website at Green Timbers Heritage Society Website and learn what they do for the conservation of this jewel in Surrey's Nature Conservancy. There is nothing more beautiful than a sunny day, watching the glint of the sun off the water and seeing mallards practically walking up to you. It's a great place to place to spend a few hours or an afternoon.

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