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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Looking Back To The Past

Checking through old files is worth taking a look at. Most photographers tend to ruthlessly pick through their photos to weed out the photos that don't meet their criteria. Sometimes the first time around though you miss shots that didn't make the first cut. Maybe when I get more in-depth into the money-making side of photography, I'll start getting into the "ruthlessly cull the photos" mindset. But right now, sometimes I do go back and find one or two photos that I missed the first time around that are maybe not A-grade, but more of a B-grade photo that with a little bit of tweaking, I can turn into something visually pleasing.

With that: Here's some of my shots from spring of 2007.

The rocky shoreline at Kits Beach

False Creek Sunset reflected against the water and the buildings

The ominous clouds above the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

The Vanier Park bald eagles.

Sometimes it's good to catch up on some of the shots that you took in the past. It also shows the development in your photography that you've made over the years.

Happy Shooting!

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