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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Computer Down

My younger son screwed up the computer.  Now it will not boot at all.  

Well the computer went down again.  I'm now stuck having to do all my blogposts on iPad.  Now I am computer-less till July 20.  And my younger son got his ears chewed off.  He was on a on line game site when he should not have been.  

Unfortunately now I am going to have to spend almost $1000 to put all programs that I need to put on the computer to utilize the new computer for photography.  

Also I am not happy with London Drugs computer department for the computer that I currently have that went down.  I have taken that computer in quite a number of times to try to find out why that computer is freezing unfortunately the computer technician at London Drugs cannot seem to figure out why.  Needless to say I am not impressed.  

Plus on top of the computer going down; I'm finding that I lost all the images that I placed on the hard drive which I had not managed to back up onto CD ROM or DVD ROM.  Let's face it; it sucks.  

Anyhow, considering all that is happened so far; it will be nice to finally get a computer that won't freeze every 25 minutes when it feels like it doesn't want to work anymore.  

I am not a computer technician. When something goes wrong with the computer I cannot fix it.  Put it plainly if the computer goes down I'm screwed.  I will definitely be transferring a lot of files off the old damaged hard drive and hopefully I can recover most of the files that I have but I'm not holding my breath.  

Eventually I had hoped to replace the computer; however it seems that this has accelerated the timeframe and has majorly screwed up our finances for the short-term.  

As it stands I will have to replace the computer on 20th of July.  

Replacement cost of computer $485.00
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 $199.99
File transfer cost $175 CD ROM/DVD ROM
Windows 8.1(full) $119.99

Total cost $979.98

This is an expensive amount of money spent just because somebody did not listen to his father and went on a game site he wasn't allowed to go on and ultimately corrupted the computer to the point where it cannot be used again. 

Needless to say; Dad is pretty pissed off.