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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gitzo 2012 Lineup - News Release,

I was looking for the pricing and availability of a Gitzo tripod, namely the SGT 5561GT Systematic tripod because of the interesting positions that one can shoot from. The height advantage is definitely a plus when you are shooting in rocky terrain, where you might have to clear a boulder or bush in order to get the shot. The SGT raises to about 2.6m tall (equiv to 8 feet, 6.36 inches).

Gitzo's 2012 Systematic Tripod lineup. Note that this tripod lineup is on the website. There is no notice in the Canadian website. It will be interesting to find out exactly how long it will take for them to come out with the notice on the Canadian site (

I hope to get the tripod after I get the Nikkor 600mm f/4 lens. I'll be shooting it off a beanbag for the first 6 months, then I'll upgrade to the tripod and the gimbal head. Still vascillating on which head to get: either Wimberley WH-200 or the Jobu Black Widow BWG-Pro2.

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