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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stanley Park - May 5, 2008 - Part 1

Haven't done a lot of wandering out or going anywhere. So I've gone through my archives. I tend to shoot a lot, however never get around to editing all of them, so I've done what I can to rectify that problem. Throughout the next couple of weeks, I'm going to go through a lot of my NEF archives and put them up. So the posts for the next little while are going to mostly be photos.

When I've looked at the shots I want to edit, they seem to be "blog-acceptable" so I'm going to edit them...and the ones that aren't are just going to go in the trash-can. goes with our May 5th trip out to Stanley Park in 2008 which, with the size of the number of photos involved, is going to be several posts in length. Don't worry. I'll put I, II and III...or more on the posts to differentiate.

We went out to Stanley Park to go see what kind of shots we could get and put our D50s through some rigorous workouts. The Park is close to a lot of scenery. Plus its proximity to the downtown core and thus, to Skytrain, makes it a great place within easy walking distance. Here's some shots of the various scenery while we were walking around the park. Sure wish that I had bought the Lee Grad Filters. It would have worked out a lot more nicely. Maybe next time.

The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, a place for the monied of Vancouver to park their expensive boats at some very exclusive moorings.

Others were out enjoying the weather and there were quite a few who were also taking the opportunity to take photos as well. We would meet up again with this cyclist at Lost Lagoon later on in the afternoon after we did our circuit of the Seawall. We have to thank him because he brought our attention to a raccoon who was placidly munching on some seeds left by passerbys.

These are the famous Stanley Park Horses who pull the Horse Carriage Rides that allow visitors to go see the park without having to get some exercise in the interim. These are magnificent Clydesdales.

This is the floating gas-station that serves marine fuel for the boats at the various marinas around Coal Harbour

Stanley Park has a group of nice totems about a quarter of the way around the park. It is well worth to check them out. Of course, I'm sure that I've got other ideas next time around to go to Stanley Park. So with that ends installment 1 of the Stanley Park photos. Until next time, Happy Shooting.

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