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Monday, January 30, 2012

Nikon's "I AM" Campaign - A Work Of Genius.

Nikon's ad campaign "I AM NIKON" is pretty popular. With all sorts of "I AM - INNOVATION, CREATIVITY, ETC ETC ETC..." slogans, it makes people who use Nikon see the "I AM" campaign their own. It is a stroke of genius as I would say. I shoot Nikon. It's been my camera of choice for as long as I can remember. I don't think I'll ever switch from Nikon at all. For this, Nikon has banked on people's perceptions of the brand. It's the "we're accessible to YOU!" impression that Nikon gives off. They still have kept their "At The Heart Of The Image" slogan, but pairing it up with the "I AM" really gives the marketing campaign that one-two punch.

Canon has always tried to cater to the "I want to be special" crowd with their "Capture the Moment" campaign. Somehow it doesn't strike me as personally as the Nikon campaign. I will never go Canon. I doubt that I'll ever even think of switching brands any longer. Nikon has all the lenses and bodies that I'll ever need to further my photography. So hence the reason I say:

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