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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Books for the Photographer's Camera-Bag

Photography also involves reading books: lots of books. The books I have accumulated involve my chosen field of wildlife photography and photography technique as well as books about photography business. These books are great starters for your photography library.

The first book is one book in a series on Digital Photography by Scott Kelby. He is a well known photography and president of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. This is a great book to focus on technique in photography. He covers all sort of technique, lighting and other photographic related subjects. It's probably one of the best books written on digital photography, get the book, better yet, get the whole set. I plan to.

This is a must have in your camera-bag. Digital Field Guides for your camera are essential. Unless you have a photographic memory, you probably have been out and you have to figure out a certain obscure function. With this book you have a manual that's quick and easy. If you want to find a certain function, just flip to the index and then go to the page which is illustrated with great big photos of the menu system. Nikon, Sony, and Canon are covered in these books.

Dane Sanders is a wedding photographer and a motivational speaker. And he has delved into the psychology of the photography business and how to create a successful business by utilizing your strengths and personal niche to create a unique service to photography clients. These two books: The Fast Track Photographer and the Fast Track Photographer - Business Plan are a great way of mapping out your career as a professional photographer.

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