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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sports Photography - Hockey - August 29, 2012

Sports Photography has never been my forte. However since I have the task (by all means, it's not onerous. I enjoy spending time with my son) of taking my son to hockey practice. I figured, I might as well couple that with taking some photos while I have the chance. Ideally in sports photography; you need to carry two camera bodies. This is so that you can have a fast wide-angle on one body with a telephoto lens on the other. I shoot hockey for my son, and at that age, there is a lot of work along the boards. In order to capture all the action that happens close to you, you need to have a wide-angle lens. You also need to have your telephoto zoom as the action proceeds up and down the ice. That's where my trusty 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII comes in. And frankly, that's why I will never, ever get rid of that lens. No matter how much I prefer to do wildlife photography.

In hockey, action happens quickly, so you have to be prepared. However some of the still times are where you can get a lot of unique sports photography shots that display the more still aspects of the game.

You also have to capture the intensity of the game.

Above all, no matter what sport you photograph, whether it be swimming, table-tennis, running, baseball, or football, it's capturing the essence of the sport.

The competition and the fun aspect is evident as these players go after the puck; while the goalie tries to make a stop on them. No matter what sport you shoot; have fun. Look for something new in every opportunity you get. Even if you can't get in close with the current equipment that you have, take the opportunity and look for another way to bring across the spirit of the sport.

Happy Shooting.

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