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Friday, October 12, 2012

Great Blue Heron & Ducks - September 24, 2012

When I went out to Iona Beach on September 24, 2012, I had the opportunity to view a majestic Great Blue Heron standing in the shallows. There were at least five Great Blues there and it was amazing. Unfortunately, though I didn't have long enough reach on my lens and had to settle for shots like this, which isn't what I would expect of the quality of my keepers. It's OK for personal blog use though. I'm hoping that when I finally get my Nikon AF-S 600mm f/4 VR, I'll be able to produce images of much better range and quality than this. It's the "equipment" unfortunately as was stated beforehand.

From where I was standing (this reference shot would be at an 18mm range), my two choices were 1) to get closer I would have to leave the proximity of the car (with Storm in it) and move closer to the ducks and Great Blue Heron (quite possibly spooking in the process) or 2) stay by the car and get the image that I did. Hence the reason why I am looking at lenses with greater range or the addition of a 2x teleconverter ("extenders" for those of you reading this blog who are Canonites).

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