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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Iona Beach Snow Geese - October 9, 2012

Since Heather (my wife) had to go to Kwantlen today and I didn't have enough gas to make a round trip twice (to drop her off and pick her up again, I opted to stay out in Richmond. So I went over to Iona Beach and hung out there for 5 hours (from 4:00PM till 9:00 PM). We (my daughter and I, that is) saw some very nice snow geese. But I was hunting for Great Blue Herons. Unfortunately we didn't see ANY of them today. They stayed away until the last minute. I parked at the end of Runway 08L (the opposite end of 26R) looking for a few airplanes to come in since I didn't see the GBH at any point in my stay at Iona Beach. Didn't see any aircraft coming in so I pulled out. Wouldn't you know it. Swinging low (fence-top level) was a damned Great Blue Heron. Since I was already driving I wasn't able to pull over and take a picture. So that was a lost opportunity. Learned an important lesson in birding today. Never leave a site until it's so darned dark that you can't see the nose in front of your face.

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