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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Reworking Photos from 2008

I've been reworking photos from 2008 after transferring them back over to the hard-drive with the new computer in hand. I also intend to purchase a 4TB main storage drive (external) as well as a 1TB Backup Hard-Drive (external). So with now owning both Adobe Lightroom 6 and Adobe Photoshop/Premiere Elements Bundle, I'm able to go back to these photos; visualize and edit them in the way I want to.

Going back to look at images that you have done in the past is not a lazy method of photography, it takes advantage of increased knowledge of editing skills and allows you to make your image the best that it can be. Of course, you can improve by shooting new photos, but my view is that it's good to look back at the past too.

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