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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lee Filters Acquisition.

I have purchased two essential parts of my Lee kit over the past two days. Yesterday, I picked up the Lee Big Stopper and today I will be picking up the LEE DSLR Starter Kit (which is ultimately a filter starter kit giving me a second holder (when I get a 77mm Lee adapter for my 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII for close in zoomed landscapes), a 0.6 (two-stop) ProGlass Neutral Density filter, a 0.6 (two-stop) hard grad ND filter , a very nice carrying case for my filters and a little buffing cloth that will help get rid of nasty fingerprints on my filters. I'll post up the Lee DSLR Starter Kit later when it comes home.

Over the next year, I will be acquiring other parts of my filter kit (in total about $3,000) which will include both hard and soft ND grad sets, a Singh-Ray three-stop reverse ND grad, a Lee ProGlass three stop (0.9) ND filter plus a Lee 105mm Polarizer and adapter ring. Also obtaining the Professional holder setup will increase the flexibility of the Lee filter set. Lee filters are not cheap.

The process involves hand-dipping the resin filters in a gray solution that binds to the molecular level of the resin making the solution bond permanently. The only company that makes the reverse grad (which is an even more difficult process) is the Singh Ray company.

The filters and other holders other than the Lee Starter Kit will have to be ordered from B&H and with the potential for a Canada Post mail strike, it will be difficult to order the filters and polarizer without paying exorbitant customs and duty.

Currently I do have Lightroom 6 and Photoshop 8 which I can utilize to create some images, but the physical filters that I will have will end up helping preserve highlights in the sky that I can. I’m currently looking forward to utilizing the Big Stopper and the three stop hard grad to see how much it will affect my images that have water in them.

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