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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 24, 2016 - Stanley Park Seawall

Well, the day didn't stop with the morning trip out to Burnaby Lake Park. Spent some time with my beloved wife and daughter at Stanley Park too. Of course parking was a mind-numbing $11.00 for the day. OUCH! But we walked around about a third of the way around the park. Of course I found out that my shoes are on the way out and that I need a new pair of them or otherwise I may end up lacerating my ankles. That's not much fun to say the least. Well, after some contemplation, I went back to the car and got out some duct-tape and played Red Green on my shoes, utilizing a pair of soft gloves as a cushion for my ankles and taping the part where the plastic heel of the shoe was poking me right in the heel. I've had my heel rubbed raw before by shoes and it's not a pleasant experience. So I intend to fix up my shoes to get by until my wife can help me get a new pair.

The park trip was originally to see the horses, however...they were closed by the time that we got there which was roughly about 5:40PM

Got to work out my Lee filters a bit, including being able to pull out the 2 stop ProGlass ND filter as well. But I'm really finding that with the lens-flare, I need to get myself a polarizer. And that in itself is over four hundred and fifty dollars. But it will be worth it to get more flexibility in my shooting capability.

Now keep in mind that gear doesn't make the photographer. Gear doesn't substitute for determination, skill and the photographic eye. But what it does is make easier to get the shot that you are looking for and to that end, I'm always looking for gear that makes my job of getting the shot, that much easier.

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