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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A New Tripod Competitor Emerges - Jobu Algonquin.

Like its namesake, the Algonquin emerges from the forest as a tough competitor in the tripod battle - I am looking at Jobu's offering: the TCF-36 Algonquin (a proudly Canadian name)

Judging from it's size, and load capacity, it can take a Nikon 600mm with no problem. It's load capacity is 55lbs or 22.3 kg which is the load capacity of the nearest competitor, the Gitzo GT5542LS. It allows me to pack on my 600mm f/4 and my D300s (with an MB-D10 battery grip) along with whatever else I need to load it up with including a preview monitor if I'm shooting long-distance wildlife video or a flash or mounting a panorama or video head. And considering its Canadian build, they know what sort of abuse it will go through during the course of shooting outdoors in the wild.

And considering that FalconRose Photography is going strictly Canadian and non-U.S. suppliers in our photography from hereon in, it makes sense to buy a made-in-Canada tripod and support our Canadian tripod/gimbal manufacturers. I apologize for the anti-American slant on this post, but I'm choosing to support Canadian and non-U.S. suppliers from now on.

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