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Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Move In The Works appears that we may be considering a move in the near future - one that will dictate how the business develops. It's known that buying a house farther south in Surrey will affect the family in several ways. It'll require my wife needing to move from her current place of work, to another store that will give her more options to move up in the company. It's also going to mean uprooting the kids from their current school; sending them to a school in the same school district and it will mean that I move closer to my subject matter - wildlife and landscapes. However where we land in terms of housing is a completely different matter. Right now it's a plan that's up in the air. But any chance to land somewhere near where I am able to photograph my main subjects is a plus - it means less gas outlay and more time shooting.

My main locations are the following.

Serpentine Fen - mostly waterfowl and great blue herons

Boundary Bay - for eagles and other raptors as well as the occasional great blue heron

George C. Reifel Bird Sanctuary and Alaksen National Wildlife Reserve - all sorts of birds including sandhill cranes

Now I enjoy being able to get out there and photograph, but currently it puts wear and tear on the car and eats up a lot of gas, so the closer I am to the sites that I go shoot at, the better it is. I haven't had the opportunity to photograph sandhill cranes, but that's something that I plan to do one of these days. The cranes are resident at Reifel and it'll be worth the $5.00 admission fee to be able to go and photograph them but only when I have enough cash to do so. So for now, it's sticking to the sites that I know I can get in for free like Boundary Bay and Serpentine Fen.

Here's a shot from 2013 - time to go back out and shoot some more down at Serpentine.

Living closer will be good.

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