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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some more shots from Boundary Bay & Green Timbers - September 4, 2013

Some more shots from my quick tour of the three main birding spots I go to - Boundary Bay, Serpentine Fen and Green Timbers


An identified stump from some of the photos that I have seen around the internet of the snowy owl locations. This uncropped image incidentally is the unedited reach of a 600mm f/4 from the dike. Any questions? So if you have a 600mm, you have no excuse that you needed to get closer. Use the 600mm with a teleconverter if you need to get even closer! Stay On The Dike!

A clearly marked sign indicating that people should use telephotos and not to get too close to the birds. As a result there should be no excuses by people who think that they can do whatever they want.

Boundary Bay

Serpentine Fen

Ducks sitting on log in the Fen

Green Timbers Lake

Duck floating all alone except for a few duck feathers and debris in the water.

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