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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Big Heavy Metal Birds - YVR

Went to Boundary Bay, Serpentine Fen and Green Timbers on Wednesday. It was pretty much a write-off. There wasn't much to see at all. No birds that were interested in doing much of anything worth photographing. So after I got my daughter from daycare, my sons, daughter and I opted to go to YVR and go shoot big heavy metal birds. At least that kept us occupied until we could pick my wife up from Kwantlen - Richmond.

And this was why a 600mm isn't all that great for plane-spotting.

British Airways B747-436 coming in all flaps out and gear hanging down aiming for Runway 26R. The Boeing 747 landing is a breathtaking sight and one that harkens me back to the days that my late father and I used to come out and watch the aircraft come in. The prize catch for viewing back then was a 747. Now I'm doing the same thing with my own sons and daughter.

China Eastern A330-243 coming in over the fence. Hence the reason why I say the 600mm isn't a great plane-spotting lens. All you see is sections of the aircraft as it goes by.

Delta A320-212 coming in during "golden light". Saw a lot of small ones coming in but have to admit, they're just as nice to photograph.

Particularly hard landing by EVA Air B747-45E B-16411. Kicked up so much burnt rubber smoke that you could smell it from miles away.

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