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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Serpentine Fen - July 25, 2013 - A trip for my son and I.

My son and I made our way to Serpentine Fen today. This was quite the shoot. We walked the trails for almost 3 hours and met up with some very interesting birds. And unlike the other time which we went, I was able to photograph them with relative ease as I had the range (the 600mm) to do so.

Serpentine Fen is a wildlife management area that allows public access. If you go down, please make sure that you stay on the trails and don't go into the areas that are fenced off.

Our first sighting for the day was an American Coot. This I'm not sure if it is a rarity or not, but most point to the fact that this one may just be a malingerer as most American Coots aren't around during the summertime...and only pass by during the fall. I chalk it up that this one ain't too bright.

A barn swallow extends its wings before taking off.

Another barn swallow sits on a fence post.

An Eurasian Collared Dove (formerly misidentified - but now properly ID'd thanks to Paul Kusmin)

Female Red Winged Blackbird

A Spotted Towhee

A bald eagle.

But the best part of today was the simple fact that my son was there to share today with me and he is becoming a great photographer in his own right.

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