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Friday, July 26, 2013

A Fun Day At Serpentine - The Views Around The Sanctuary

Our birding adventure at Serpentine Fen on Thursday began at 9:15AM when we parked the car at the parking lot at Serpentine Fen located on 44th Avenue.

This is probably one of the premiere birding locations in Surrey. A wetland habitat for migrating birds on the Great Pacific Flyway, Serpentine Fen offers a place to rest and recuperate for the next leg of their journey. To get an idea of the types of birds you might see at Serpentine Fen in any season, check out the well documented birding checklist at Serpentine Fen Birding Checklist. This site also has many other checklists for various other places in the Lower Mainland. It is a great resource and many thanks to the person who created it.

I have decided that this is a cursory view of the different landscapes that you can see at Serpentine Fen as Chris (my son) and I walked along the Serpentine River that day.

The Pond area.

Looking towards King George Highway - the bridge spanning Serpentine River

At the first bend in the Serpentine River

The bend in the river looking towards Highway 99.

The decaying and broken down pier in the center of the sand bar.

Looking back along the trail by the sandbar.

Looking towards the Hwy 99 Bridge over the widening Serpentine River.

Looking back along the Serpentine River Dyke Trail.

Aiming the 600mm at the eagle's nest in the high-tension power line tower.

The marsh area from one of the observation towers

Another view from the observation tower

There are several observation towers dotted around the site offering panoramic views of the wildlife area.


Back at the car again after three hours of fun at Serpentine.

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