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Thursday, March 18, 2010

You need to have fun sometimes...

I would have to say that some of my photography ventures into the avante-garde. Taking pictures of lights and other objects, just because they're there or the light is falling on them a certain way or just some stroke of "mad genius" (substitute "genius" with "fool") hits me.

Some may not understand "why" I took a certain photograph. Others may find it quaint. But to each their own. I shoot photography not because someone else likes it, but because I want to. An innate need to do something that can't be voiced other than by visual means. So if you like this: that's great. If you don't like this: Good for you too. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

I enjoy photography, it's a hobby as well as an occupation for me. Everyone sees the world through their own eyes. It just means that my perception differs from yours. There is no wrong way to do photography so long as the meaning of the image comes across if there is any "deep" meaning. You can even play around with exposure as long as you convey what you wanted to convey. That is the essence of photography.

Here are three pictures with no other meaning than: "I wanted to take a picture of whatever that was in the I did..."

© 2010 FalconRose Photography

© 2010 FalconRose Photography

© 2010 FalconRose Photography

As I said...there's really no meaning other than "I wanted to take this picture". And let me end this post on a note: If you're not enjoying photography anymore...THEN you're doing something wrong." Don't let anyone take the joy out of your photography. After all having fun behind the viewfinder is the most important thing.

Happy Shooting...

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