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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Photos from the Archives #1

Here's a few pics from a second trip down to Serpentine Fen. Not as many bird shots, but we managed to get quite a few. Here's a few of them. I took about 200 shots in all, and I'm still in the process of converting them from NEF to JPG


Cloud Formation Over Farm ©2008 FalconRose Photography


Ducks Sitting On Beach ©2008 FalconRose Photography


Ruined Pier ©2008 FalconRose Photography


Small Butterfly on Daisy ©2008 FalconRose Photography


Line of Storm Clouds Going Up Over Interior BC (black & white) ©2008 FalconRose Photography

The last picture was a picture taken of a Bald Eagle sitting alongside River Road in Richmond. Thanks to Claude Chenevert who drove me down along there before a class at London Drugs HQ, I was able to nail this shot

bald_eagle_on tree_stump

Bald Eagle Sitting on Tree ©2008 FalconRose Photography

Claude, we still gotta get out there and do some shooting sometime whenever you and our missuses are off!

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