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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Photos from the Archives #2

Well, I went through my vast amount of folders of pics and tried to see what ones I could save in there after editing. Well, I found quite a few that were worth trying to edit. A few I converted to black & white, And a few I actually turned around and did some filter-effects with. And ended up with a result that was worth hanging on to. The rest I'll probably end up ditching. Anyways, no explanations in the gallery, Please keep in mind that all photos are copyrighted © 2007 & 2008 FalconRose Photography.

Cherry Blossoms at Twilight

Cherry Blossoms at Twilight © 2008 FalconRose Photography

Twin Yellow Tulips

Yellow Tulips © 2008 FalconRose Photography


Solitary Dandelion © 2008 FalconRose Photography

Bear Creek

This was a shot which I messed around with in Photoshop using the saturation adjustment levels. I tried to take all the colors out except the green. I think it just came out black & white mostly.

Bear Creek © 2007 FalconRose Photography

A Bridge at Bear Creek

Metal Bridge at Bear Creek © 2007 FalconRose Photography

Freighter Under the Clouds

Freighter under Storm Clouds © 2007 FalconRose Photography

Moored At Monk's

Boats Moored By Monk McQueen's © 2007 FalconRose Photography

Alone at the Pier

Alone at the Pier © 2007 FalconRose Photography

False Creek Marina Bridge

False Creek Marina Bridge © 2007 FalconRose Photography

Alaska Airlines 737-300

Alaska Airlines 737-300 © 2007 FalconRose Photography

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