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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Other Sites I like to Watch

A site that I do like to frequent (local to me; the site admin and author lives in Burnaby, just a quick trip over the Alex Fraser) is Camera Hobby a site packed with local information about Vancouver Camera retailers and just as much reviews and information about Nikon as a Nikonian could ever possibly want.

Another site is my cousin's photography website He shoots Canon as I said in my initial entry. Still trying to convert him.

A friend of mine who pulled me back into the photography hobby was my good friend, Marie. Her site Haven Photography is pretty darned good.

Jennifer Adams, a fellow Photography Corner'ite, has both her blog and her website in this listing: Jennifer's" Blog and Jennifer's" Website. From what I can see of her photography in her website and in her blog, she is one outstanding photographer.

Keep looking back for more sites that I'll add to this post.

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