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Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Photos: mostly from 2009

We didn't do a whole lot of photography in 2009 as I'm picking and choosing where to take my shots, as the D50 that I bought is starting to get up there in shutter actuations. OK...maybe at about 8,000 shutter actuations. But still you want to extend the life of the camera while you still have it; especially when the cost of replacing it with a newer and better model is quite cost-prohibitive

©2009 FalconRose Photography, all rights reserved

And on the day that Gastown gifted my wife and I the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens, I shot these three photos.

©2009 FalconRose Photography, all rights reserved

"Exhaustion" ©2009 FalconRose Photography, all rights reserved

©2009 FalconRose Photography, all rights reserved

23-04-2009_burrard_skytrain_station_rs©2009 FalconRose Photography, all rights reserved

~more to come~

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