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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Entry dated: Feb. 21st, 2007 at 10:07

© 2006 Hugo Chikamori, FalconRose Photography, all rights reserved

Welcome to Maniac With A Camera. My objective with this photo-blog is to present Vancouver and the Lower Mainland through my digital and 35mm lens and my objectivity. As well, I hope to impart some knowledge of the Lower Mainland as well as some camera technique to beginners.

As a hobbyist-photographer for over 23 years and now hoping to branch out into professional work, I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of different cameras over the years and would love to branch out into medium and large format photography, but as of right now, the price of those types of cameras is quite prohibitive and definitely out of my range.

Photography seems to run in my family. My cousin is also a photographer, shooting mainly with Canon equipment. And I shoot Nikon, so we have a little power-struggle between the two camera giants in our own family circle.

I've had my eye set on the D2Xs, but the Canon 5D has also been catching my eye as it is one of the few in-expensive full-sensor camera bodies on the market.

Nikon still uses a small sensor in their cameras and currently has no intention of going full-size with their sensors.

The Eos 1Ds Mk. II is completely out of my price range with prices approaching the 10K mark in CDN $.

Throughout the course of this blog, I'll be visiting different camera stores and experimenting with some of the new bodies as they come on the market and give you reviews (as I see them).

Take it or leave it…it's only my own impression of the product and food for thought as you decide on a digital body/lens combination of your own choosing.

I'm a Nikon guy, so I will forewarn you in advance that I'm biased to Nikon.

Again, welcome to my "MANIAC WITH A CAMERA" photo-blog. Enjoy.

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