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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Refocus and Re-Plan.

This past nine months of not having a functioning computer has really had me stretch my patience to the breaking point however I have found solace in a few positives: one; it has made me rethink the direction of my photography career and I've gained insight into what makes me tick as a human being - what my strengths are; two; it has made me realize that the latest and greatest camera for economic reasons, is not going to happen unless I find some way to make it happen - meaning that I work my ass off with what I currently have plus a few additions (secondary body D300s; and a D700 full frame tertiary body both of which are within my financial capability with several months saving). Three: I have to stay focused on the goal; stay positive and above all, don't give in. Through 2015, I went through the roughest patch in my life, both as a parent and as a photographer -I fell into depression because of certain things that happened which I won't go into here. Suffice it to say, I wouldn't wish these events on my worst enemy. Depression was an abyss that I am still struggling to climb out of but I look at my kids and I see every single day the one reason that I'm fighting it. It's for them that I put out the effort each and every single day.

This has forced me to take a look at my business plan and figure out where my weaknesses are; where my strengths are and figure out a course of action. I have been reading motivational books and business startup books. And the one thing is: there is no "fast track" to building a thriving business. Books are only guideposts. The effort has to come from within. Resist those who would tear you down and work at it each and every single day.

It's too easy to take a day off; which turns into two, three, four, five. There's too many distractions built in with social media that can kill hours of time pulling your attention off in different directions which can be a business killer. I've resolved to start taking this business seriously. I have to: my family's livelihood depends on it.

Water Droplets on Tulips ©2016 FalconRose Photography, all rights reserved, Photographer: Haruo Chikamori

So over the next few months; I'm going to be reworking this business from scratch; from building a business plan to formulating goals of acquisition of gear given a set time frame; from shooting hockey (during the hockey season - regularly) to nature/landscapes. Prior to this the business was unfocused; not having a set direction; it will now be forced into a set niche and cultivated because to grow a business requires time and dedication, focus and determination not just winging it on a prayer hoping that something will happen. A business needs direction. And I have to go into this determined to succeed.

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