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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

04-06-2016 Green Timbers Walk

I resolved to get up and get out of the house today. It's been too long since I went out anywhere on foot...and it shows. I was puffing like a train-engine trying to get up a hill and that's not a good sign. It means that I need to get out and exercise more instead of gorging myself (food is one of my other balms). So cutting through Holland Park, while taking a few photos, I made my way over via 102nd Avenue and walked up that way, then back down to 100th eastbound to Green Timbers. Spent some time hanging out by the lake enjoying the rather nice weather (cloudy though it was). The temperature was not too hot; not too chilly either.

It was a good long walk and to be able to see the wildlife at Green Timbers was well worth the walk. And to be able to soak in the sunshine was nice to do. And now as I'm editing the photos I took over at the park, I'm seeing the sun come out.

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