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Monday, February 24, 2014

Snow Day at Green Timbers

For the past three (almost four) months, I've been trying to fight off a nasty throat infection that has curtailed my attempts to do any photography being lethargic from coughing so much. Now that I've gotten my energy back somewhat, I find that it's high time to get out the camera and start shooting again - Cabin Fever.

It's been snowing for three days straight so far and I've really found that Lower Mainland BC, which normally doesn't get a whole lot of snow has turned into a winter wonderland and this happens in February. So I'm really enjoying the chance to pull out the camera and photograph something that I don't normally do. So I went out this morning after dropping my daughter off at daycare and went to Green Timbers Park to do some photography.

As you can see my hands got very cold. Took a photograph to show how red my left hand got when I was out shooting.

The info-center at the parking entrance to the park was covered in snow was the trail marker.

I tried blowing off some snow off my polarizer filter and created an artificial fog effect

Snow-covered branches on the trail.

The poor mallards were freezing their tailfeathers off. I'm sure they weren't expecting this cold-snap.

...the lake. The snow was coming down quite heavily at the time and it caused the filter to have droplets of water on it as the snow impacted the filter surface.

This is a panorama of Green Timbers Park.

This snowfall was an opportunity not wasted as the Fraser Valley rarely gets snow during the winter time and most of the previous times this has happened, I've usually been too sick as a dog to go out. So I wasn't going to waste this opportunity.

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