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Friday, February 7, 2014

Hockey Mornings

Friday mornings are early. 5:15 AM wake-ups so that my son can get to hockey practice. Sometimes I just stay up the whole night which then does a number on me so I do what I can to rest up. Then it is a quick five-seven minute drive to Surrey North Arena. The Arena parking is now pay parking but we can get a parking pass for 3 hours if we're utilizing the arena by registering our license plate at the arena parking kiosk. These shots are just iPhone snaps. I hardly ever take my DSLR up to the arena, however one of these days, I'll do so and capture some of the sights around the arena. The exterior of the Surrey North Arena is one of the nicer ones.

This is what looking out the sliding doors of Surrey North Arena at 6:25AM looks like. Still too early for my brain to work.

This is the lobby of the Arena-Recreation Center

Walking through these doors to the dressing rooms is what the kids do every Friday morning for their practices.

This is the change area to Arena #2 (there are two ice sheets in Surrey North Arena. Needless to say, it's much warmer than in the Arena 1 changerooms.

And this is what we parents freeze our butts off our children can enjoy and learn our nation's great sport of hockey.

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