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Monday, January 6, 2014

Photomerging Experiment or "How To Make Ghosts Out Of Cars".

Just playing with the D300s/18-70mm and atempting some exposure photo-merges on Adobe PSE8. Did this one using 4 exposures, the two lightest ones were discarded due to the image blend making the total image blurry, so through a process of elimination, it came down to the merging of the two darkest exposures when combined provided a rich color layer which was then enhanced with a 0.6 Grad ND filter layer in post. The first photo is the photo without the dodge and burn tool and I noticed the problematic blowing out of the highlights in the very top part of the photo.

The second photo shows the burn effect tool on the top layer and how it gives the top part of the photo a bit more depth. This is in lieu of actually having the proper grad ND filters to compensate in camera. The one thing that you realize is that once you completely blow out the top of the image to white - it's very hard to bring back any sort of contrast with post - so it is so important to get it right in camera. Hopefully the interim Cokin filter once purchased will help me to do that.

Yes, I know the cars are "ghosts". It's because in the last photo the cars had gone on a green light down at King George and 100th Avenue and weren't there anymore as in the previous shot of the merge. I still think the transparency of the cars is still a cool effect of that too. Oh, well...

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