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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Experimentation with Light Trails - Zoom Effect

At a loss as to what do on a rainy afternoon when it's too dark to shoot anything worthwhile. I figured I'd experiment with light-trails and zoom effect. This pretty much is an experimentation if anything - they're not all that good. But at least it gives me an idea of what shutter speed to look at and what aperture. I've running around f/9 on the shots to get the photos to keep from over-exposing and giving me a foggy luminescence that I didn't want. What i wanted was a cool crisp light trail coming from the various points of illumination (including reflections of lights on the wet pavement

Last but not least, I did a light trail of some still-up Christmas lights. Let's just say they made an interesting impression on the photograph.

As I said, they aren't very good, but it gives me a rather quick formula to use when I start working on my Surrey North night light trails shots.

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  1. Are you zooming in/out while you do an exposure? Light trails are best for moving objects I find, like car headlights/tail lights etc.