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Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Resolutions

My New Year's Resolutions are few; however there are a few important ones this year.

1. This year I resolve to treat this "business" like a business and get out to photograph regularly without interruption from outside sources.

2. I created 29-30 new photos this past year in 2013 - this year I resolve to double the amount if not triple.

3. I also plan to "see more" - to be able to envision a photograph and create it instead of reacting to a photographic opportunity - envisioning landscape photographs is an idea that holds a lot of interest for me. To be able to create a landscape composition in my mind and then be able to convey that in a photograph is an achievement in itself.

4. After suffering a throat infection that cancelled out the last quarter of 2013, I resolve to take better care of myself - start eating healthier foods, to get out and walk more (which will help develop my photography eye looking at scenery) and stop relying on caffeine to get me through the day.

Photographs like this one from 2012 are my goal - to envision a wildlife or landscape in new ways - the image of the robin from 2012 looks a far lot better in a square crop than a rectangular crop - it's less busy and distracting and the large branch provides a guiding line to the subject. I could go further and start editing out branches, but I'd rather keep authenticity in the photo than start photoshop'ing the photo to death. Striving for a much higher standard in my photography is a lofty but attainable goal and I hope to achieve that as well as the previous resolutions in my New Year resolutions.

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