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Friday, December 14, 2012

Easier To Build Up A Boy... - December 8, 2012

When one hears about the Newtown, Connecticut shootings committed by the son of the teacher that was killed today; one often wonders how much influence we have on our children as parents. I often think of this sign at the arena that my son goes to every weekend to play hockey. My son has always wanted me to come out and watch him play hockey. I am not the most sociable person in the world and I hate being around crowds of people. However being a part of your children's life is probably the most important task you can have as a parent.

I wonder how much resentment has built up from the perpetrator of those crimes today. My questions are, instead of vilifying the perpetrator, was he ignored, was he minimized, was he in the least bit abused as a child. What was the motivation for this heinous crime; a crime that has taken the lives of 20 children and 8 adults. I don't condone how this perpetrator lashed out. I believe that the fact that he killed was not right and that the crime was especially horrific since it involved 20 innocent children. No person deserves to die at the hands of another. There is no excuse. But was there another way? Could he have received the help he could have needed before he felt that it was necessary to lash out?

This sign pretty much says it all: "it is easier to build a boy than to mend a man". By the time we get around to mending; it's usually too late. I'll leave this post for you all to think on.

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