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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) - September 24, 2012

Got the chance to go back to Vancouver International Airport for a while to watch the aircraft come in. This was one of the most favorite things I liked to do when I was growing up. My best memories were of my dad taking me to YVR to sit off the end of Runway 26L and watch for a 747 to come in. Back then, Air Canada used to fly 747-200s. Back then, then engine noises were loud. Nowadays even the large aircraft noises are muted. I posted up on Facebook last night, that now I'm sitting in the Impala with my daughter watching the airplanes come in. I guess it's what's called a rite of passage. Maybe she'll like airplanes, maybe she won't, but's one of the things that makes us both happy and spending time with my daughter is a good thing.

Having watched a lot of aircraft come in, I had the opportunity to do some artistic shots against the setting sun (the last two). I think they came out well.

Airbus A310
Airbus A310
Air Canada A320
A beautiful big-body Boeing 747-436 on final Runway 26R
Air China Airbus A340-313X
Landing in the Sunset, the B747-436 touches down.
Sunset over the tarmac, through the fence

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