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Monday, August 20, 2012

Inflight and Swimming Photos - August 9, 2012

Here's a few more from my trip to Green Timbers. The ducks were extremely active that day and they were fun to watch. I still have some more to edit from July 31, 2012, but I will at a later date.

Looks like he's hovering in mid-air.

This one was looking for a place to land.

Love how they curiously look at you to see if you're taking their photo. These ducks are well acclimated to human contact.

How to give a poor duck a lobotomy. The upper duck got half her head cut off and the male mallard got a butt-tuck.

A popular "I'm checking you out..." pose from a swimming female.

The whole confounded flock or brace of ducks.

Well, looks like someone's makin' a ruckus.

If there is one thing about the ducks at Green Timbers is that they have character. They certainly will "ham it up" for the camera. Hopefully I'll head back down to Green Timbers sometime in the next week. And a bit more regularly once I have the access to the vehicle. I don't know exactly which vehicle (we're trying to decide between a Chevy Impala (2004) and a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am. We'll see what happens at the start of next month. We should have it by the 1st. And I plan to make a trip down to Serpentine Fen as of the third or fourth of September.

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