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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Captured" by Moose Peterson - A Book Every Wildlife Photographer Should Own

My wife borrowed "Captured" by Moose Peterson from the Surrey Public Library. I hope to, in the next month, own this book having purchased it from Chapters-Indigo.

One of the great things about the book is the anecdotes from his long career as a wildlife photographer specializing in endangered species. It illustrates his points very clearly even more than a point by point textbook. If wildlife photography is your interest, you need to own this book.

Take a good hard look at "Last Entry for Now" Page 366-367 in Moose's book. Let that ever drive you to greater heights as wildlife photographers. Take what he said in those two pages as inspiration and strive to be the best that you can be as a wildlife photographer. Have an emotional attachment to your images rather than being a dispassionate bystander.

This book will be the best investment that you will make in your wildlife photography career. I've chosen to purchase the book. I've gleaned a lot from borrowing the book from the library but the book deserves a permanent spot on my bookshelf and purchasing it will accomplish that and allow me to read it over and over again.

One of the things that Moose mentions in the book is "tell a story with your photographs. Be able to convey emotion to your viewers. Make them see beyond "'s a duck...or another bird." Tell a story...make people care about the image - tug at their heartstrings. That's what I hope to do with my photography as I progress.

Thanks, Moose, for the challenge...and the guidance in showing me that pictures are not snapped...but created.

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  1. Love your narrative, it was powerful! Good luck.