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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hipster Photography?? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

There are many things that seem to irritate me. But foremost on the topic as of late is the “hipster photos”. Hipster photos typically have some blurry, overexposed or solarized image with some supposedly deep angst-ridden statement placed in the middle of the picture so that people will think that the “hipster” is a profound being. Unfortunately, it’s not the case. Moreover he/she comes across as a whiney, over-emotional teenager angry at the world and its supposed unfairness. What’s even worse is that hipster photos are finding a niche in Facebook where even the so-called mature are erroneously finding that they are “deep” when in actuality, they are about as shallow as the water level in a dried out creek in summer.

If this is what photography is about then I shudder to think of what the photography world is coming to. Hipster photos are not photography.

Moreover, I tend to laugh when I see the hipster photos being trashed with some hilarious statement that completely negates the “profoundness” of the photo.

The best “ruining” I’ve seen so far is this one…of the two “hipsters” in the middle of the road…picture and ruining done by someone else…

That has to be the most hilarious one I’ve seen so far…

Hipsters: You are not profound…and you are most definitely not a photographer. Please learn aperture, shutterspeed and ISO - filmspeed before you even attempt photography. Otherwise all that results is an angst-ridden eyesore. And above all…please stop ripping off the photography of those who do photography better than you ever will. That’s known as copyright infringement.

An obviously ripped off photo:

Please, hipster photo takers…just please…stop.

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