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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Take Yer Camera With Ya...or Ya Might Miss It! - Red Tailed Hawk on St. Patrick's Day

When I get that internal prod to take my camera out it is best that I not ignore it. When I do, it's guaranteed that I miss something. I listened to my "prod" today and managed to nail 3 really nice shots of a red-tailed hawk as my wife and I were heading over to Wal-Mart.

Speaking to those of us who photograph - It's so easy to not picked up your camera, or your tripod, or any bit of camera equipment. After all, they're so heavy, or you're just going out for short period of time. We make up all sorts of excuses when we should be doing what it is that we're good at (as photographers). If we're photographers, then why not have your camera there with you at all times. We swear up and down every time that we miss a shot that we wish that we had our camera there. Today, for me was a prime example. I had my camera there - I got the shot!

Probably my best shot of the day of the red-tail launching itself off the post...

In full wing spread, gathering speed to dodge high-tension wires and do a turn to the east. Not the best shot because the high-tension wire blocked his right wingtip. But feathers are crisp and in focus.

You can see that famous red, yellow and black plumage of the red-winged blackbird, however the confounded thing is behind a pair of intersecting branches...that makes this shot a complete bust! I'll just keep it as a reference.

So don't give into the "I only need to go out for a minute, back is sore...I don't want to lug that thing around today" excuse bug. After all...think of what you just might run across

Happy Shootin' n' Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

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