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Friday, March 9, 2012

News Photography - Linda Vista Fire, November 11, 2007

Having to photograph news photography is not something that interests me very much. It involves late nights and early mornings with a lot of high-stress situations. With news photography one does not do anything to post-process the image. The image has to be uploaded "as is" with no post-processing whatsoever. This is because the news has to be presented with a semblance of reality. Any post-processing of images would negate that. With news happening anywhere, one has to be absolutely on the ball.

This newsworthy event happened at the Linda Vista motel on King George. None of these photos have been post-processed in any way shape or form, other than being resized

The fire was caused by a couple who ended up leaving their oven on and fell asleep. The photos were the aftermath of the fire.

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