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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Austin Stevens: One of the Wildlife Photographers I Admire

One of my favorite shows on Animal Planet is Austin Stevens Adventures. Austin Stevens is a wildlife photographer and his show gives viewers an idea of what he goes through in order to get the shots.

Austin Stevens in Mexico in 2008, licensed under Creative Commons, by Austin J. Stevens

An interview with Austin Stevens by ePhotoZine gives people an idea of just how he started in photography and the reasons why he prefers to get close to the subject and use wide-angle lenses as opposed to a long supertelephoto.

E PhotoZine Interview

Austin Stevens' website at

I tend to prefer to get my shots with a supertelephoto. I don't find that getting close to wild animals, at least ones that can potentially kill me, with a wide-angle lens is good for my health. I enjoy watching Austin Stevens track and shoot his subjects, however I don't think that I will be emulating his enjoyment of using wide-angle lenses on tigers, elephants and least of all on venomous snakes.

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