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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thanks Darrell...for your article...on lens acquisition...

My friend and digital photography author, Darrell Young has a great blog. Darrell Young Blogspot Blog. And in that blog it touches one of the best (and worst) parts of photography: the acquisition of lenses. Darrell's article: Lenses: Pleasure and the Pain of Being A Photographer I just have one thing to say...and that's whenever I take a look at the Nikon Lens catalog I end up like Pavlov's dog and all sense flies out the window. It's the same thing when I'm at the camera store looking at the big cardboard boxes containing the metal CT-602 case along with the coveted Nikon AF-S 600mm f4 VRII IF-ED lens packaged so lovingly inside...they usually end up handing me a mop and bucket to clean up my own drool puddle I have made on the floor.

Yes. I need that lens. I want that lens...and I covet that lens. I would forsake having a car for the rest of my life if I could run my fingers across that lens and know that I could take it home. And make everyone jealous for miles around who hasn't got one. Yeah. I got Nikon Lens Acquisition Syndrome BAD. Of course when that lens comes home. The next one will be the Nikon AF-S VRII 200-400mm f/4 G IF-ED. By that time, unless I've won the lottery, my desire for lenses will be sated. And if by some fluke (lightning hit-potential surpassing chance) that I do win the Lotto Max. I'll probably walk into Nikon Richmond and say "Hell...give me one of everything in that catalog." Uh...maybe 2 of each may be the better bet. Since my wife is giving me the "death stare".

"Maybe if I put this picture on the wall and look at it everyday...and..."

So yes, as Darrell says. "Nobody said reading my blog was inexpensive..." Yep...because I got that feeling in the marrow of my bones...that 600mm f/4 lens "will be mine...oh will be mine..."

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