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Monday, August 15, 2011

More Airplanes and a bunch of birds...

Boeing 747-400, Korean Airlines

McDonnell Douglas MD-11, KLM (tension wire got in the way of the shot)

Airbus A340, Lufthansa

And of course, more birds and a grasshopper

I think these are chipping sparrows, but I've posted it up on Fraser Valley Birding so I'll get an answer some way or another.

This is the unidentified sparrow that I saw. I have no idea what this one is because my confounded "Birds of British Columbia" ID book decided to grow legs and walk off on me. Well, Birding BC identified it as the ubiquitous Spotted Towhee (a member of the Sparrow family). How very nice.

Happy crow on a utility wire.

Say hello to poor Mr. Grasshopper. He's trying to clear the stars out of his head after colliding with my leg. Yes, poor Mr. Grasshopper is alright...this is an AFTER shot. Being a retaliation for him hitting my leg, I pull out my camera and happily SHOOT him.

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  1. The second bird photo "unidentified sparrow" is a Spotted Towhee.