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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flowers...Flowers...Flowers...MORE FLOWERS...AH-CHOO!!!!

The past few weeks, I've shot nothing but flowers. There are a lot of reasons why. I find that there's something therapeutic about shooting flowers. Not to mention their beauty. And frankly, they don't talk back. That appeals to my anti-social side which seems to be more and more intrenched these days.

There was quite a bit of wind on the two days that I took these shots. And I'd have to say that the shots that I take had some really interesting "bokeh" in the background. That's what comes of having a shutterspeed that doesn't freeze the background yet enables the subject to stand still. I'd have to say that I was pretty lucky to nail the shots that I wanted; exactly the way I wanted. The sun was out, but with the wind factor it wasn't the most ideal of shooting conditions.

At least, "flower photography" offers me something to do until I get the lenses that I need to adequately do wildlife photography.

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