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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Digital Compact Camera.

Most photographers carry around a point and shoot (compact) camera. I do, as well, as a secondary quick snapshot, when I don't want to lug out my D50 or my D300s. It provides me with a quick and easy solution. Sometimes when you're in a situation like a crowded lobby, you stand out with a D300s and a 50mm f/1.8 lens whereas with a compact camera, you tend to blend into the crowd. Convenience and quick-shot capability in one small package. The limitations in the past have been phased out by longer and longer zooms. The 3X zoom on most compact cameras have been replaced by 5-7X zooms allowing people to get the equivalent of a 28mm (most are set at 36mm) to 130mm lens.

My current point and shoot camera is the Nikon L11. Roundly praised and vilified depending on who you talk to. It is a cheap $139.99 camera that my wife bought in 2008(by now the latest L series compact released in 2011 will be the L24)- Read more about the L24 in DPReview's article: Read the article


Some of my best shots have come from the L11.

Eventually though, I hope to upgrade my point & shoot as well, moving from the compact automatic function of that L11 to a P7000. This one will allow me the same functionality of a DSLR with controls for ISO, shutterspeed and aperture with the compact size of a compact camera (OK...maybe slightly larger than a pocket-sized compact).

All in all, a compact is nice to have in terms of convenience and perfect if you want to be inconspicuous. That's why I will always have a compact as a third camera (just in case)

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