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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"One of the World's Top Travel Photographers"; MY ASS.

Ross Halfin

Comment from Ross Halfin
(Ross Halfin (b. 1958) is one of the world's top English music and travel photographers. Having shot bands such as Led Zeppelin, Rush, The Police, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses, KISS, Metallica, The Who, Rob Zombie, ZZ Top and many others, Halfin's images are widely published in magazines, newspapers and books.)).

-comment quoted from post in GNR Daily

Do me a favor and don't make me gag. Ross Halfin is now proclaiming himself as "one of the world's top Travel Photographers"? Give me a break. The only thing that separates him from the ranks of amateur photographers in the Travel Photography genre is his access to money and the fact that the book is riding off his fame. I can think of several other travel photographers who outdo his travel work any day of the week and twice on Sundays

Kevin WY Lee.

Gavin Gough

Dario Endara

The list goes on and on including some of the people who haven't even been published because they don't have the cash resources you have to do an end-run around proper editing. Ross, don't get too above yourself. Your money is not going to protect you from the hysterical laughter of those who have put time, effort and their lifetimes into this genre. Stick to what you're good at.

Put your travel photos that you think are "top" to any travel photography editor who isn't dazzled by your rock photography fame instead of running your mouth before you've even achieved HALF the awards in that genre and then see if you ever recover from the laughter of these photographic editors. Your "top travel photography" doesn't even rank on the same level as these three that I've quoted.

And your landscapes aren't even on the SAME map as Ash Newell's landscapes or even mine.

Lost Lagoon Sunset

Do me a favor, Ross, you got a lot of work in the "travel photography" genre before you can play with the big boys. No matter how much you try to pass it off and say that "the images I wanted to capture were ones that you won't see in the travel brochures"; you try to match up your efforts with the big names in Travel Photography and you fall woefully short.

What pisses me off, Ross, is the fact that you quote yourself as one of the "world's top travel photographers" without having paid your fucking dues like the rest of us. Yeah, you got a fan-base and you want to make money off your fanbase, but in that fanbase are ignorant JACKWAGONS who are going to expect your mediocre travel pictures are the norm for the business...and try to pin your pics as the summit of the standard for travel photography. And that is just plain WRONG. You have to pay your dues in this business. I don't go staggering off into the rock photography world and proclaim myself after several years of work to be one of the "top Rock Photographers in the World!" I'd have to pay my dues...and NEWS FUCKING FLASH: YOU DAMNED WELL HAVE TO...TOO!!!

Stick to what you know or work at the genre you want to get into. There's no excuse for amateur work in another genre...passing off on your rock photography fame. It just pisses the rest of us (who've spent years honing our craft in travel and landscape photography) off.

And for God's Sakes...Don't ever pass yourself off as one of the "TOP Travel Photographers in the World". That's just laughable. And just to make it clearer if I haven't said it clearly enough. Do your homework. Pay your dues in the Travel Photography genre before you mouth off. You may be a GOD in Rock Photography...but PAY THE FUCKING HELL ATTENTION...Ross. You are Travel Photography.


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