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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Laci; a Photographic Memorial.

In 2008, my wife made contact with her 2nd cousin. We found her and upon further research we found her 2nd cousin once removed in April of 2009. Since then we have been as close of relations as we could be by internet and mail as they live in the States. During that interval of time between 2008 and 2009, we found out that my wife was 2nd cousin, twice removed to Laci Denise Rocha. Laci Peterson Wikipedia Entry

In Cousin Sharon's book "For Laci" there is an entry about several of Laci's friends getting divebombed by a dragonfly. And how that was Laci's favorite insect. Well, I have my own "dragonfly" story to relate.

For those of you who cannot think of a world beyond what we are currently living in and finding out who is related to you when we get there. Let me tell you something that happened to me in February 2007. I was taking my kids for their weekend visit to their grand-da's place and as I was walking along Vanier Park, there was this dragonfly. Now ordinarily you wouldn't think much of a dragonfly. But this particular one kept circling and if it wanted me to notice it and it wouldn't quit circling us. (Now in Sharon's book "For Laci" (which I've never read until just two days ago - thanks to our cousin), one of Laci's friends "Stacey" had another encounter with two dragonflies, one of which kept divebombing her until she took notice of it.) When I said to the dragonfly "Well, hello there..." it seemed happy enough; it quit circling, and then flew off towards Vancouver City Center across False Creek/English Bay. I thought nothing of the encounter until I read Sharon's book. Then it hit me. When you get to "heaven" or to the afterlife, you realize that your life and your relations are an open that dragonfly (which happens to be one of Laci's favorite insects) was Laci's way of investigating who her "new relatives" were. She knew even before we did (we didn't find out until late October 2008). I know deep down in my heart that it was Laci.

She also loved ladybugs; and in that I also have another ladybug story to relate as well.

July 22nd, 2010:

Today I came home from the hospital with my wife and my newborn infant daughter. I had stopped by my father's introduce him to his granddaughter. And I looked and crawling on top of my father's headstone was a ladybug. It crawled up onto my hand when I put my hand down beside it, turned towards my daughter and walked over to the edge of my hand and for a long moment, it appeared as if it was gazing down at the sleeping baby. It appeared to me that Laci was checking out her second cousin ...twice times removed. It was wonderful to see you're still around watching over us too...Laci. We love you.

It doesn't matter that we never knew her in life. It doesn't matter that we never knew our familial kinship until after she had been murdered. To us, we lost one of our own. And with that, our hearts are forever sundered in knowing what could have been, will never be. I know deep down in my heart that Laci is looking after us. She looked after my Dad after he left this earth. This much I know for a fact.



So why do I feel that Laci is still around and still with us in spirit? I'll quote Shakespeare's Hamlet: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." I believe because I have experienced it. And therein lies the facts.

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