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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Enjoyment of Flying Things: Photographing Aircraft

Sometimes I enjoy nothing more than to go out somewhere and photograph aircraft. During the time that I was at Coal Harbour on July 30th, I had the opportunity to photograph several Otters and a Twin Otter.


A Westcoast Air DeHavilland Twin Otter coming in for a landing.


A Harbour Air DeHavilland Otter (single engine) taxiing out to takeoff.


Another Harbour Air Otter winding up for it's takeoff run.


A beautifully patriotic Otter in Canadian colors. Notice the Canadian flag paintjob.


A WestCoast Air DeHavilland Twin Otter taxiing for takeoff.

One of the other things that I enjoy doing around this time is going to the Abbotsford International Airshow. However in the last little while I haven't had the oppportunity to as my kids probably are not of the age where they would enjoy listening to loud engines. So here's some photography from Abbotsford Airshow past. This was done with a 35mm SLR (A Mamiya Sekor TL500 that my late father bought me back when I was 14. These shots were taken when I was around 19). I'll post up others when I do get a chance to go again. Probably I'll get to go around the time that the Abbotsford Airshow turns 50 (in two years)

Rockwell B-1B in European Green

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds.

One of the 9 aircraft formation has broken off leaving an 8 aircraft formation

Two Montana National Guard F-16s.

A VF-31 Tomcatters F-14D Tomcat, now retired and gone from service. They've all been scrapped due to Defence Department directive. So the bittersweetness is that I'll never be able to take pictures of F-14 Tomcats least not flying ones.

A side-view shot of the same F-14D Tomcat.

The 2012 Abbotsford International Airshow should be great. But it will be a bittersweet occasion as my Dad used to take me to the Abbotsford Airshow and I'll be thinking about him too as I'm walking the tarmac around the static display.

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