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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nikon Acquisition Syndrome

I have GAS. I know that it sounds rather crude to make that proclamation...but admittedly it's not a case of flatulence. It is a rather severe condition called "Gear Acquisition Syndrome" and a rather specific form of GAS which ends up being referred to as NAS (Nikon Acquisition Syndrome). This rather insidious disease; is incurable except by death or by going broke (either one of the two will suffice).

An example of my Nikon Acquisition Syndrome symptoms:

My Facebook Nikon Acquisition Syndrome album

This case of NAS is caused by getting bitten by the photography bug which carries this virus which lies dormant until you make your first camera purchase. Then what happens is that the virus multiplies within your body causing symptoms such as lens envy (seeing green when you see another photographer with the object of your desires (I turn green when I see a photographer with a 600mm f/4)), obssessive compulsiveness when it comes to camera and lens purchases (you must have the best) and irritability which manifests when you just manage to buy the latest gear and Nikon comes out with the next model (*cough* D400 (est. release date is 2011 (first quarter))) not two months after you've made your purchase or when personal finances dictate whether you can get the holy grail of photography lenses (namely my desire to get the 600mm f/4 and the appropriate lens supports, being tripods, and gimbal heads) and thorough justification of the reasons why you should get the equipment. Other symptoms include hanging out at the camera store, drooling over their camera display, wasting the time of the camera sales reps and increasing displays of aggressiveness towards Canon-users (You'll pry my Nikon out of my cold, DEAD hands!)

As far as I can see there is no hope of treatment available unless you go to an obsessive compulsiveness treatment program and even there you'll be laughed at by the people who have the severe form of obsessive compulsive disorder. So I have decided to succumb to this disorder and oblige my inner desires; revel in it to say the least - If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. It may mean a complete and utter rehashing of our finances so that we can afford the lenses and other gear. But it's better than looking at and salivating great puddles of drool over the Nikon lens catalog. I justify the acquisitions with the fact that my kids have more toys than they could ever play with in their entire lives (with the exception of my daughter - who will get her own set of toys) and that books (with the exception of photography related literature) are not of any interest to me any more. I don't buy CDs. I don't buy model kits anymore (though it was a hobby at one time). Everything is focused into photography: career, acquisitions, inner focus and the desire to make this into a profitable (though I may be deluding myself) goal to work for myself.

If covetousness is one of the 7 Deadly Sins, well, pray for me, my church-going friends, because I surely am DOOMED. But I sure as hell am going to have a great time before then!!!


  1. D400? Wow. Heard it first here. You should be ashamed of yourself for fueling others' nasty NAS habits.

  2. So far it's vaporware as far as I know. Heard it on NikonRumors, but well...who knows.