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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day Out At Coal Harbour and Gastown

Yesterday, we went out to Vancouver because we wanted to hang out in the Coal Harbour and Gastown area to take photos. I wanted to pull the D50 out and ended up taking Heather's instead. She used the D300s. Most of the time, I put the 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII on the D50, which noticed a marked difference in the sharpness of the shots.

We started off in Coal Harbour where I got these shots:


The Sails at Canada Place © 2010 FalconRose Photography, all rights reserved


Three Flags at Canada Place © 2010 FalconRose Photography, all rights reserved


Tourists © 2010 FalconRose Photography, all rights reserved


Cruiseship © 2010 FalconRose Photography, all rights reserved


Seaplanes © 2010 FalconRose Photography, all rights reserved

Over all, Coal Harbour and Canada Place yielded some interesting pictures; including a picture of a Pelagic Cormorant.


An iconic view of Harbour Centre's Revolving Restaurant...that restaurant is a landmark in Vancouver immediately identifying Vancouver's skyline to tourists.


Various Street Scenes of Water Street...

Looking East


Looking West


Corner of Carrall and Water


The infamous Blood Alley


Gassy Jack Deighton's Statue stands on the corner across the street from his pub that he founded.


Evidently, he stares down the street right beside the Hotel Europe which is another Vancouver Icon being the only triangular building in the entire Gastown district. Triangles are good.


The Gastown Steam Clock goes off every fifteen minutes for the enjoyment of tourists and to the annoyance of everyone else. After all, how often can you enjoy an off-key rendition of "Westminster Quarters"? Not that I don't like the Gastown Steam Clock. I just wish it wasn't so prolific in it's spouting off. How about every half hour...actually how about every hour like an ordinary clock?


From there we went to Science World (sorry, now known as the Telus World of Science). We hung around the False Creek area for a while taking some images there.

The "unique"-ly (where have I seen this design before...on the Millenium Bridge in London perhaps) shaped Olympic Village bridge...


The iconic Vancouver Skyline as viewed from Olympic Village


The easily recognizable Telus World of Science (there...I got it right this time)...


Sunset on False the summer sun dips behind the buildings, I took the final shot and my wife, kids and I turned towards home...


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